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How will you inspire others about the pilgrimage?

Explore spiritual dimensions that will draw congregations in.

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Inspiration for the journey

The WCC Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace is a pilgrimage of the entire church community. It is a pilgrimage of togetherness, of joining hands, sharing experiences and growing together. How can we as brothers and sisters in Christ inspire each other along our journey? How can we inspire those who have not yet been invited or joined the pilgrimage? To draw others into the conversation in social media use the hashtag #PilgrInspire

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    Umoh Edem

    2015-05-15 10:56

    After The Prilgrimage,I Will Inspire Others By Organizing Crusades,Seminars And Teachings To Explain The Experiencies I Got. 2015-04-29 19:20:13.224922

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