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What is a pilgrimage?

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A journey of faith

Pilgrimage is common to all the world’s religious traditions. A pilgrimage is a journey of faith, often to a place considered sacred, in order to offer thanks, to atone for wrong-doing, or to seek enlightenment or healing or reconciliation. In the Bible itself are many examples of pilgrimage. As you begin to explore the WCC Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace, consider the nature of pilgrimage in your faith and the faith of others different from you. As you do, share your ideas and experience with others through the comments sections below, by making a video or audio presentation or sharing with others through social media. The resource document that you can download below will help you consider pilgrimage in your own life’s journey or that of your community. To draw others into the conversation in social media use the hashtag #WhatIsAPilgrimage.

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    Martin Schindehütte, Bishop em.

    2015-05-28 04:19

    This is indeed an important step implementing the pilgrimage. Sharing spiritual experiences, theological insights and concrete actions is most important for this process. So see attached ( a lecture of mine reflecting the biblical roots of a pilgrimage. This text is important in our process of preparing a decision of the synod in November 2016 of the regional Lutheran Church of Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany, in my chairmanship.

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    David Marsh

    2015-05-28 04:17

    If we understand pilgrimage in the light of Abraham's journey, as suggested in the participants guide for this section, then we see it as a 'journey' that is initiated by God. Abraham responds to God's call in the obedience of faith. It is a call that will see Abraham personally blessed in order to enable him to fulfill his part in God's overall plan. It is a response that will see him facing situations which test him. At times he will act in ways that are informed by his own fears or the suggestions of those around him, which create the seeds of future conflict. Nevertheless God continues with him, and brings his purpose to fruition. For Abraham, his obedience involved a physical, geographical, relocation. Our obedience may require this too, or it may require that we move out of our comfort zone to meet new people and situations where we live. 2015-05-01 07:49:34.367004

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    Theodora Issa

    2015-05-28 04:15

    Congratulations - well done! Of course the Holy Bible is full of verses that encourage us on pilgrimage - Psalm 122 would be a good example. This is referred to in a book about how the Christian (from our community or any other who would hold a copy of this rare book) act when going onto pilgrimage to Jerusalem. This book entitled 'Commandments and spiritual guidance to the visitors of the Holy Places in Jerusalem' written by one of Our Holy Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch The Thrice Blessed and Saint H.H. Moran Mor Ignatius Elias III back in 1927, in Jerusalem, and translated in 2006 and 2007 into English, and published in the book ‘Angel of Peace’ – Platinum Jubilee Souvenir of St. Ignatius Elias III, by Mor Ignatius Dayara Committee, Published on the Feast of St. Elias III, February 2007 at Manjinikkara (For private circulation only) – Pages 37-44 - a soft copy is available online through the URL All the best Regards Theodora Issa

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