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Why a pilgrimage of justice and peace?

Discuss why the church needs a pilgrimage of justice and peace.

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A faith that does justice

How can a pilgrimage – our journey in faith – relate us to the issues and reality of justice and peace in today’s world? Why is it important for us as Christians to journey for justice and to work for peace? To draw others into the conversation in social media use the hashtag #WhyPilgrimage

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    Naveen Mathew Thomas

    2016-04-08 11:31

    To restore peace in terror stricken areas, the path of reconciliation can be a step that the Governments and the Church can call for. Reconciliation can bring a change in our attitudes towards the terror groups and can be a Christian witness before them. May be the experienced diplomats and leaders may negate this view but at least a try can be given to know the answer for this step.

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